In the previous article we learn about the file size of vector images. We also discussed where these particular types of images are more suitably used. Today we will learn some advantages and disadvantages of these images.

Advantages of Vector images:

Vector images have a number of advantages over bitmap images, including:

  • The most important and obvious plus point of vector images is their power of scalability. If you try to enlarge a bitmap image, your computer can only enlarge the size of the squares making up the image area. That is why bitmap images get jagged as you enlarge them. However on the other hand the vector images remain smooth because your computer merely re-computes the coordinates of the points and adjusts the vector equation constants.
  • Each set of lines in a vector image represent separate and distinct objects. therefore every object can be re-edited at any time. For example, let’s say you created a vector art file with a circle in the background. You could open the drawing file at any time – even days later – and change the circle to a square.
  • Another very important reason of using vector images instead of bitmaps is their size. Vector images are much smaller in size than the bitmap image format. If you had a very large picture – such as a poster on your wall – the vector file might only take up a few kilobytes of space on your computer, while the same image in a medium resolution bitmap format might not fit on a CD-ROM!

Some disadvantages

However there are some disadvantages of these images as well. A few are as follow:

  • Drawings containing trapping information can only be scaled up to 20 percent larger or smaller.
  • Thin lines may disappear if a vector drawing is reduced too much.
  • Small errors in a drawing may become visible as soon as it is enlarged too much.
  • Another important disadvantage of vector is the time and talent needed to create it. You cannot take a photograph in vector. Vector images are drawn on the computer by a graphic artist using vector editing software such as Adobe Illustrator.
  • Because of the above mentioned reason the vector graphics are not as cost effective as bitmap images.

In the next article we will learn about the file formats that are supported by the vector image format.
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